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2002-10-08 07:45:45
Yo Bluumi, impressive firepower your showing here...
Looks like you fired up you 50+ systems fulltime...? 

Gerald *curious*
Bluumi [SwissTeam.NET]
2002-10-08 10:14:58
Jep, i re-activate the whole park for the school-holiday .. "Herbstferien". but at the middle of this week i must stop the action.  At this time a big Distributed-Folding InstallAction will begin. 
My private PC's and some near Maschine at work will run Muon, but the rest need a REAL NT-Service Client ... If Muon V5 and the Holidays came back perhaps the Muon-Cluster came back.. we will see

I was thinking ... 5 Billion i reache first big grin

If i split my work in @Home and @Work ... i don't have much @Home cool

But thanks, that you see my highfly ... smile
2002-10-09 03:30:15
Indeed you did... *drwas hat, bows* *sncr*

Bluumi [SwissTeam.NET]
2002-10-14 06:07:19
jepeee ... with the last Muon's i send, i break the 6 Mia / Billion mark ... big grin

So.. now a big break ... DOA .. now the 7 Bio is you'rs big grin
2002-10-23 03:00:44
Oh booooy... Don't you feel ashamed right now...?  *ggg* To simply dump 800 meelions or so... Tststs... *g*
Guess I'll have to hope for a nother billion or -two-digit billion number to come...
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