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Stephen Brooks
2010-10-15 15:29:56
I'm sure someone complained recently the Muon1 stats banner was broken, but I can't find the relevant thread.  Anyway, I found what was going wrong and it's back working again. produces this:

2010-10-15 17:33:00
Great =).  U broke something else though, the main website doesn't load past the viewresults image.  Neither in firefox nor in IE.
[Edited by Xanathorn at 2010-10-15 17:33:33]
Stephen Brooks
2010-10-15 17:50:16
That's because the stats now have their own page.
2010-10-15 21:38:27
That was me who claimed the not working banner
2010-10-15 21:46:52
Yay The Banner is Back.
I find the banner very handy to get a running total of work done so far.
Stephen Brooks
2010-10-15 22:58:15
After not being able to do much on the Muon1 project for ~2 years it feels like coming back to an abandoned laboratory and trying to get things working.  Everything is at odd settings or has stopped working because the equivalent of a fuse has blown or the equivalent of rats have chewed through some wire.
2010-10-16 01:30:11
It was also me saying about the banner, a LOT, on yahoo

and see Stephen, I SAID people would think the website was broken! 
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