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2010-11-20 20:34:51
stephen is there a logical sequence for the parameters?
because some of the results show for example s7f=000 and at some this parameter doesn't exists. 
[DPC] Mr. Aldi
2010-11-20 21:46:33
[quote=stephen]the s#* and d#* variables are the first 6 solenoids in the decay channel and come first (in order of the number #).  Then come 6 blocks of decay channel (sb#* and db#*).  Then come the linac components (ls#*, ld#* and rf#*).  linaccells goes with the linac part, decaycells goes with the decay channel part, and anything with "rod" in its name is the target rod right at the beginning of the decay channel[/quote]

Sometimes the decay channel is designed to be longer (which could give a higher Mpts number, I guess).  I have not seen generated accelerators with more than 1 unit difference.
2010-11-20 22:14:19
i took 2 samples of the 100 sample file, there are 13 parameters "missing"
d6l-d9l and s7f/l/r - s9f/l/r
[DPC] Mr. Aldi
2010-11-20 23:14:47
Ah well then the first part can be really long sometimes (but so far I've seen these are not generated anymore, they are 6 or 7 blocks long)

So far I know (according to Stephen's quote) when d6l-d9l are missing, there should be no s6$-s9$. Every 'solenoid' has it's own number.

In this case it is weird that there is no d6l.
2010-11-21 00:23:44
d1l=043;d2l=000;d3l=026;d4l=000;d5l=999; <<< 5 blocks

db1l=514;db2l=000;db3l=288;db4l=000;db5l=998;db6l=999; <<< 6 blocks

decaycells=068; <<< this one i understand

ld1=000;ld2=000;ld3=000;ld4=000;ld5=000;ld6=000; <<< 6 blocks

linaccells=949; <<< this one i understand

ls1f=000;ls1l=999;ls2f=000;ls2l=999;ls3f=000;ls3l=999;ls4f=972;ls4l=999;ls5f=000;ls5l=998;ls6f=999;ls6l=999; <<< 2x 6 blocks

rf1p=999;rf1v=998;rf2p=000;rf2v=999;rf3p=986;rf3v=992;rf4p=876;rf4v=000;rf5p=667;rf5v=999;rf6p=825;rf6v=667; <<< 2x 6 blocks

s1f=999;s1l=952; <<< where is slr?  s2f=999;s2l=999;s2r=254;s3f=999;s3l=000;s3r=999;s4f=988;s4l=989;s4r=986;s5f=000;s5l=999;s5r=999;s6f=000;s6l=000;s6r=999;sb1f=998;sb1l=958;sb1r=999;sb2f=947;sb2l=000;sb2r=000;sb3f=999;sb3l=999;sb3r=000;sb4f=018;sb4l=494;sb4r=000;sb5f=012;sb5l=999;sb5r=001;sb6f=000;sb6l=000;sb6r=999; <<< 3x 6 blocks only s1r missing

tantalumrodr=000; <<< this one i understand

tantalumrodz=246; <<< this one i understand

4.097638 (14780.9 Mpts) [v4.44d] <Linac900Ext6tc2> #time=108866; by [TN]opyrt
[Edited by [DPC]white_panther at 2010-11-21 00:26:13]
Stephen Brooks
2010-11-21 17:37:50
s1r is fixed because it's difficult to make 20 Tesla solenoids with larger bores - and if the radius was smaller it would interfere with the target (and probably would reduce the yield a lot anyway).
2010-11-21 18:47:57
and what about d6l-d9l and s7f/l/r - s9f/l/r?
are these also fixed now, or just removed from the disign?

and what about the db7-10?

must i conclude there is no Fixed logical sequence....
[Edited by [DPC]white_panther at 2010-11-21 18:56:14]
2010-11-22 02:09:07
I think what you may be seeing with the extra parameters (eg d7l,d8l,etc) are some interjections from other lattice's. I for one am guilty of taking some other high Mpts/ low yield results from other lattice desings and trying them on this lattice.  Those other lattices had more parameters than the current one, so when they get run on this one they still keep the extra parts in the successive designs. 
Stephen Brooks
2010-11-22 14:45:17
--[and what about d6l-d9l and s7f/l/r - s9f/l/r?]--

Those are components in the early decay channel, which can have up to 9 components specified individually rather than in blocks.

--[and what about the db7-10?]--

Those are block numbers above 6 (there should only be 1-6 in the 6tc2 lattice), so I imagine these are cross-bred from the 10d2 lattice.
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