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Stephen Brooks
2011-01-16 15:58:18
I would like to direct your attention to the LHC dashboard

Stephen Brooks
2011-01-16 15:58:43
The Snowmen of Safety say: obey all appropriate safety protocols while running particle accelerators.  While running Muon1, also obey safe operating procedures for CPU and VDU equipment.  Do not service your computer while it is running (like I did once); do not injure your fingers in spinning fans (like I did once); do not buy power supplies where the capacitors explode into yellow goo after 2 years (like I did once).  Do not set your monitor to max brightness regardless of the ambient light and give yourself an awful headache (like I did once).  Do not install Muon1 on an entire server rack unless you are sure you have spare fuses for the power in your building.  And finally, if you are using Muon1 in a hot laptop or a poorly-ventilated country, use the CPU throttle to prevent fires.
Stephen Brooks
2011-01-17 20:07:00
....and now the snowmen are gone and it's in French.
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