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2002-10-09 14:36:02
Today I've realesed the final version of Linuxclient V4.21b

containing no new features, just some cosmetic stuff on source code to prevent compiler warnings, also a bugfix for the bug described in this formum Minor (?) De-sync of numbers

the links to download the client are still the same:

or in german smile:

2002-10-14 10:33:32
Thanks for the Linux port, it seems to be working fine with RedHat7.3(static linked version). 
Question is, will the Best250 file work as downloaded from this Website or is there a conversion that must be done??
2002-10-14 11:26:37
the Best250 file will work as downloaded from this Website!

no conversion needed!
2002-10-23 10:09:29
Here is what I found about the Linux client, but it needs confirmation!!!
(I posted it on ARS DC forum, but I guess I am the only person running Linux there with this project)


Interesting observation.
All machines worked same ammount of time (2.8 days / 24 hr/day) except laptop
here's breakdown

Athlon XP@1680 MHz Windows XP - ~51 Kb file
Duron 1000 Linux ClarkConnect - ~58 Kb file (Beta 3 client)

P3M 866/667 laptop part time Win2k - 21 Kb file

All machines are using same Best1000 result file.

While XP, DDR gets a bit more usage out of it (~3 hr of gaming + ~5 hrs word processing during that period of 3 days) and Duron 1000, SDR is functioning as a gateway/network server, the Linux machine outdid the far more superrior Athlon.  The results.txt files look very similar to me with about the same # of high and low results

Intel P3-M 866 MHz
Duron 1000 MHz
XP 1600+ @ 2000+
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