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2011-04-03 10:04:35
Have been sending results up, though nothing shows other than your self and Xanathorm...
2011-04-06 11:57:03
I just lost over 3k results on this optimisation, I guess those were the one done with the lattice with the wrong date?  Sucks though, like 3 days work gone.
Stephen Brooks
2011-04-06 15:26:39
I was going to say you can resubmit them but you can't because they will have been given the wrong checksums at the time they were produced.  Fortunately only you, the stats machine and one of my installations got the erroneous version of the lattice.

[edit] Actually I've added a correction for your 148363.0 Mpts that were lost, it should show up in the next stats update (it is only a cosmetic correction, so the number of results will still appear lower).
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