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Maniacken [US-Distributed]
2011-04-03 20:57:27
curious why results for the new Linac900Ext6Xc2 are not showing up.  I would believe more than 2 people are working on this linac.  I have sent results to 4 different servers.

2011-04-03 22:24:38
I noticed this right away (after Stephen told me about the lattice, so I could put it on the facebook page)

Friday evening, I was sending results back, to be at the top (thats when he'd sent back the only results of the lattice, a 43mpts -1.94 iirc).  And I've sent over 750 results back, to all 4 servers, both http and ftp.

He did mention something about checksums might be off, because the first release of the lattice had the date wrong, but an updated one was right (should be april 1st) but thats right on my end.  So, *shrug* I don't really know what else right now.  MIGHT have to go and resubmit later (I hope not).

So, it's been noticed, and hopefully fixed soon.
Stephen Brooks
2011-04-04 01:29:18
I uploaded one with the wrong date in the comment, then changed it within about an hour and a half.  I was concerned a few people might have downloaded the "old" version.  My theory is: that's the reverse of what's happening.  The *stats machine* downloaded the wrong version, and now it's only accepting results from two installs that were unlucky enough to get that one (probably my work machine and Xanathorn).

Anyway, if this is the case, I can fix this tomorrow.  You'll probably have to resubmit results -- there's also a chance they've been archived by the stats generator and I can resubmit them.
2011-04-04 06:01:28
I was starting to wonder if that was the case.

Also, everyone else, Fan the facebook page!!!
2011-04-04 06:51:16
heh, I was wondering what was going on.  I just checked on my system after getting home and I'm sitting on a .14587 result.  Checked to see how it compares to the collective best.  hmmm houston we have a problem. 
Glad to see you are on top of it Stephen.
Stephen Brooks
2011-04-04 11:55:08
I've just cleared the faulty lattice out of the stats machine cache.  Unfortunately the other results sent in were not saved, so you can resubmit the appropriate portion of your results.dat (cut and paste the results you lost to results.txt and use manualsend.bat).

[edit] ...and Xanathorn should delete his copy of 6Xc2 from the lattices directory and make the client download it again!

[edit] Here they come.  10 users active already.
Maniacken [US-Distributed]
2011-04-05 05:02:42
I resent in my results.dat file, hopefully it will weed out duplicate results.  wasnt certain how much to send.

Good news though.  pushed the output up to 0.75%
2011-04-05 17:41:53
how much was manual design?
Maniacken [US-Distributed]
2011-04-05 17:51:20
none of it.  brute force trial and error
Stephen Brooks
2011-04-09 20:33:29
Dunka is winning now.  I wonder if that's tweaking or just plain luck or having a faster computer?
2011-04-13 19:44:20
No fast computer.  I was just curious about some genomes with good pcnt/Mpts ratios and i hope using the genome TEST functionality is not something "illegal" in terms of apparatus optimization.
Stephen Brooks
2011-04-13 21:12:48
No, that's fine, I was just wondering why you were on top of the list more often than chance would suggest!
2011-04-14 04:07:35
Cheat!  ;-P
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