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Jet from ARS
2002-10-09 19:07:11
I didn't have one, so I re-installed the client, created a new user.txt file and fired it up again, and I still dn't have a results.txt file.

Shouldn't I have one?  If I didn't have one, does that mean my computer has been idly spinning for days now?

2002-10-09 22:03:41
The results.txt contains your produced results.  You may use any results.dat for feeding.

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Jet from ARS
2002-10-10 02:26:19
Apparently the re-install did the trick....I checked a few hours later, and there it is.

2002-10-10 02:28:07
It might take a while for a result to be produced if you get high percentiles.  Until you do, it wouldn't generate a results.txt yet.
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