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Daft Wullie
2011-06-23 06:52:25
Stephen just to let you know Firefox 5 has been released
Stephen Brooks
2011-08-04 00:42:14
OK, I've added an icon for it now.  See if it works.
Daft Wullie
2011-08-04 02:45:53
Ok thanks Steven I see the one for Firefox8 works
Stephen Brooks
2011-08-04 17:01:47
Always a fan of Firefox 8. That's when they added 3DTV support and changing tabs via hand gestures recognised via a webcam (like in Minority Report).
2011-08-19 05:25:03
What, by January?  They'll be lucky to fix all the security flaws in fx4 by then....
Daft Wullie
2011-10-02 01:55:27
I didn't know trolling was permitted here
Stephen Brooks
2011-10-03 22:08:15
The forum has some rules on trolling but I've never figured out what they mean.

2012-04-10 14:34:59

btw, have you coded this forum yourself?
It's got great ideas, like the quick register/login and the 16 mins to edit a post.
(I just tried that)
[Edited by funny at 2012-04-10 14:35:51]
Stephen Brooks
2012-04-10 14:59:58
Yes, I wrote this forum in PHP interfacing to a MySQL database.  Still a few features missing... but at least it's not cluttered
2012-04-15 11:29:24
Maybe one day you could release it.  I like the simplicity.
Stephen Brooks
2014-09-06 22:26:41
Ah, yes, finally someone who gets it and doesn't want their forum cluttered in a megabyte of JavaScript.  I might release it when I get time.
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