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2011-11-26 06:17:01
I had a problem with my routerwhile trying to send a result.txt file... I had to reboot my systems and am now left with a .bin file.  How do I submit it to be included in my results?
[Crunchers Inc]cswchan
Universal Creations
2011-11-26 20:01:05
Just rename it should do the trick as far as I know.
If a new results.txt has already been created, edit the .bin file with notepad, copy the data and paste it in the new results.txt.
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2011-11-27 01:54:27
The bin file contains compiled/encoded data which is smaller, but not humanly readable.  So simple renaming probably won't work, I'm afraid.

Normally, there are two command line options (-txttobin and -bintotxt) to convert such files forth and back, but I just tested and they seem to be still broken as of 4.45 and completely crash muon1 if you use them.

Crash means I get the ''muon1 has stopped working'' message and the output file is empty.
2011-11-27 03:02:26
I found the corresponding .txt files, copy/paste into the existing results.txt, sent and seems to have worked...
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