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KWSN Grizzly
2012-02-12 08:38:56

I have a slow box (Atom) , that has been running Muon since November 2011 on Version 4.44 , and has yet to upload results . Are they still valid ?  This box runs intermitantly .

Regds Grizz.
Stephen Brooks
2012-02-13 17:10:40
Yes, the project will still accept results uploaded from an earlier version or on an earlier lattice.  They won't be displayed on the main page, which only shows current lattices, but they'll add to your user total as usual.
2012-02-13 19:17:53
You can also do a manual upload, once the current simulation is finished, and then upgrade the client.

With a slower system like that, I think you might find it more beneficial if you turned OFF the samplefiles.  With them on, you're going to be examining the same space as other, faster clients.  Without it, you can help generate new design paths to investigate (which are smaller) and have a more productive impact on the project.
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