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Stephen Brooks
2012-04-20 00:51:56
I just changed my broadband provider and got a new router.  I think it's set up correctly but it's a bit difficult to test if certain services are visible from outside.  Can you see the page at  (There also ought to be an FTP service running with details given at the Muon1 servers page).
2012-04-20 07:51:57
Hi, I can see the page.  It only says "Muon1 Results Server -"
2012-04-20 12:35:48
It is viewable indeed.

Muon1 Results Server -

20120420-110255-St2Zf-[TA]OrangeKid.bin (12093 bytes)
20120420-111814-K6axF-[H]phoenicis.bin (11715 bytes)
Stephen Brooks
2012-04-20 18:45:46
Thanks - I think my home router is just one of those that doesn't allow me to see my own servers when addressed by external IP address.  I can see this site from work now too.
2012-04-22 02:35:49
Note that not being able to access resources from inside using the external address is normal operation.  It's due to how NAT works.  Some routers include a ''loopback'' feature allowing this, but it's not guaranteed to work.
Stephen Brooks
2012-04-23 15:01:04
Yeah my last ISP's router had some sort of loopback that worked.
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