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2012-06-19 23:38:52
I'm trying to get this going on my HTPC box which, while not terribly powerful, can certainly stay powered on crunching for this.  I would prefer the screensaver mode, though, which doesn't seem to work.  When i run the .scr file it says I can then run it but previewing says the same and uninstalls the screensaver.

Is there a configuration I need to set up or something first?

Edited to add: I was able to install it without issues on another Win7 box.  Both users on each box are administrators.  I'm a little confused.
[Edited by Nilt at 2012-06-19 23:41:34]

Figured it out.  Apparently the first time, UAC wasn't triggered.  After moving the folder out of Documents and onto the root of C, it was and it seems to work.
[Edited by Nilt at 2012-06-19 23:51:04]
2012-06-20 01:57:17
Ok great.  Noted for future reference
2012-06-20 03:39:57
Odd that it wouldn't trigger UAC out of the Documents folder but hey, it's chuggin' away now. 
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