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Stephen Brooks
2013-06-16 18:54:46
I'm in the US (Brookhaven National Laboratory) for two months, and while I've assigned someone to reboot the Muon1 stats server if it goes down, I couldn't do the same with my FTP server that is at home.  So it looks like's capability to upload to the stats server has crashed and these results are stuck on there until August when I can restart it.  So I've removed this server from the official list to prevent any more results getting stuck on there.
Stephen Brooks
2013-08-23 16:10:18
Thanks to [TN]opyrt I remembered this was left switched off.  It looks like the stalled results from 2 months ago have now been counted - thanks for your patience!
Dave Peachey
2013-08-23 18:25:21
Ahem!  All of a sudden I haven't contributed any work against the _nosample lattice for 114 years .. that doesn't seem quite right to me.  Could you have a look, please, and rectify?
Ta muchly.
[Edited by Dave Peachey at 2013-08-23 18:27:34]
Dave Peachey
2013-08-23 20:15:56
Ah, right; seems like a temporary glitch and I'm back again (my, how 114 years flies by!)
Stephen Brooks
2014-02-17 00:50:28 should be back up again, since on Thursday I unpacked my home workstation and I've just figured out how to turn on Port 80 with my ISP.  It was down since 2013-Oct-21 when I moved out!
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