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Stephen Brooks
2013-08-14 15:52:37
I found this interesting:

I marked a few notable users.  TOMAZ seems to have got to a very high % yield with only 999 results, I'm not sure if that was from selective uploading or something.  In contrast, the person with the most results but yet to get a positive yield was a BOINC user, which inspired me to plot this:

I'm not sure if the same pattern applies to the lattices where a sample file is allowed.
2013-08-15 19:57:22
We should keep in mind, that at the beginning of the *_nosample lattice the Boinc user got sample files which were created on the Boinc server.  This might lead them into the wrong direction.
Stephen Brooks
2013-08-16 17:09:30
Here's the other side of the coin (Linac900Ext8Xc2):

Notice number of results is less correlated with top result because everyone benefits from the same samplefile.

It looks like there is no penalty for being a BOINC user in the case of this optimisation.
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