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Stephen Brooks
2014-01-21 04:20:53
The Brookhaven network has decided it's allergic to my computer and is throwing a "cybersecurity alert" and has isolated it from the network.  So the stats can't update until that's sorted out.  Slightly complicated because we may have a blizzard tomorrow and the lab may shut.  But I'll see if I can get it unblocked.
Stephen Brooks
2014-01-21 22:02:50
Yes, they didn't turn up before the laboratory shut, will try again tomorrow depending on snow etc.
Stephen Brooks
2014-01-22 04:08:27
Tomorrow (Weds) they're shut all day because of snow.  So it'll be Thursday.  In fact their 72-hour block expires on Thursday regardless, so if it's a false positive it might just clear.  I'd rather they explained what it is, though.  There's a tendency for these systems to just say "Your computer was quarantined because of badness" without explaining what sort of badness or what rule was triggered.
2014-01-23 23:10:19
They're going again now
Stephen Brooks
2014-01-24 00:38:01
So today they locked me out of my workstation for a couple of hours while the remotely performed a virus scan, then let me back on.  No explanation of what had gone wrong but at least the stats came back up.
2014-01-25 00:01:10
I just recently have had my antivirus Avast flag the viewresults program and close it out on me.  I had to add it to my whitelist to even run it.  you never can tell sometimes what trips the network security triggers. 
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