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2014-04-26 15:56:21
Hi, just had my first Muon has stopped working error since starting this project last month. 

I'm running Muon_background on an i5 4670K and Windows 7 Home Premium, nothing overclocked yet, just built the PC yesterday and Muon had been running for just under 18 hours when it failed.  Actually went to upgrade the Bios when I found it had stopped working. 

There was an auto.sav file created 4 minutes after the last result got added to the results file.  I tried re-starting Muon_background and it crashed again after 2-3 minutes so sent the 46 results it had done before flashing the Bios.  After flashing I tried again but it still crashed so have taken a copy of the whole folder and then renamed the auto.sav file in the original folder and it has carried on working so far (1-2 hours).

PC has had all the updates and drivers installed, nothing else running, temperature max for the CPU was 52C. I assume it is likely to be Muon at fault given it is repeatable.  I can send the auto.sav (or whole folder) if that helps figure out what went wrong.

Stephen Brooks
2014-04-26 22:37:20
You could e-mail me the auto.sav file.  I suspect the save was interrupted so a truncated file was formed, which crashed Muon1 whenever it tried to load it.
2014-04-27 09:29:09
I have emailed the file to you and just checked to find that the program has crashed again without an auto.sav file this time

I will stress the system and see if I can spot what might be causing it to fail. 
2014-04-29 22:34:24
have you tried it in another mode, watching to see what happens?  I'd suggest maybe the cli mode first, and then the visual, see if you can see anything odd happening.
2014-04-29 22:52:35
Thanks, but Stephen suggested I try the v4.47_dev version.  The later version was able to generate a result after 6 minutes from resuming the auto.sav position whereas the v4.46 version always crashed after about 2 minutes of resumption.  So it looks like the newer program 'works' better
Stephen Brooks
2014-04-30 18:24:46
Aha!  That's good news.  Some time (probably July/August) I'll have to do a alpha/release process for v4.47 so that my development world and the project don't get out-of-sync.  In the longer term I'll start putting eRHIC-related things on the distributed network, just haven't had time yet.

The schedule delay is that I've been invited to give a talk at a major conference in June, plus a more PR-related event immediately before.  So I have to handle that scheduling collision before I do anything else!
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