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2014-06-18 18:20:46
Virginia company might team up on muon technology

The Department of Energy and Decision Sciences International, a technology company in Virginia, may partner on equipment for using muons, subatomic particles that are similar to electrons.  The company already uses muons to screen shipping containers for smuggled uranium and plutonium.  The technology could also be useful in decommissioning Japan's Fukushima Daiichi nuclear complex. 

from The New York Times (tiered subscription model)
Stephen Brooks
2014-06-25 21:10:58
Sounds like lower-intensity muons than we're planning on making, otherwise their muon source would be rather large.  They do have the property of being very penetrating of matter (many metres, although not as penetrating as neutrinos).

In fact, muons fall from the sky in the form of cosmic rays.
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