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Stephen Brooks
2014-07-17 16:08:44
I notice the stats server has stopped updating because it can't see the drives.  I think this is because there was a lab power outage the night before last at the laboratory (I noticed the computer had reset).  I'm not in the office today but tomorrow I'll unplug and plug in the USB cable for the Muon1 drive enclosure so it detects it.
Stephen Brooks
2014-07-18 17:02:58
Appears to be working again now.
Stephen Brooks
2014-07-26 18:02:54
Now the back end is working but it's having trouble uploading to  It looks like the webhost has done something major to the configuration of my site (although they're not admitting to it as yet) : my password stopped working for a while until they reset it, now I notice a bunch of PHP errors that weren't there before (including not related to the stats, like on this forum).  Will look into it although I'm off on travel Mon, Tues next week.
2014-07-27 23:55:31
I would check with your host to see if they updated php.

There are different calls for session handling in the latest version and I don't know what else.  Seems to be a rash of this happening.  Older code may have to be updated and adodb versions on your local site should be updated as well.

before PHP 5.3
since PHP 5.3
$_SESSION['name'] = $name;

program_files\adodb... needs to be totally updated, but that is available from sourceforge

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Stephen Brooks
2014-08-02 03:50:43
Thanks!  As it turned out, the problems were PHP upgrade related, namely that when my webhost upgraded it they deleted the old config that set the RAM limit to 100MB and it defaulted to 32MB.  There were also errors elsewhere on my site because the "date" function now spews an error whenever I don't specify a timezone (I put default_timezone('UTC') or something at the top of my scripts, which fixed those).
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