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2014-07-20 20:22:49
Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 32 bytes) in /home/stephe1/public_html/muon1/hidden/readstats.php on line 33

Getting that all the time, currently.  Seems like a PHP memory overflow.
Stephen Brooks
2014-07-21 03:55:25
Yes, it's unfortunate because I now have to completely rewrite how the stats page works in order to use less RAM.  The simplestats.txt and rawstats.txt files are still being updated though.

I'm on travel until Wednesday.  Is there a good 3rd party Muon1 stats page I could redirect to because this might be broken a while?
[OCAU] badger
2014-07-22 00:55:07
Since it seems to still be down, is pretty good.
2014-07-23 11:22:02
Even free-dc stats are borked now
2014-07-23 22:25:07
More, these forums look funny, too.
Stephen Brooks
2014-07-26 17:16:21
Yeah a lot of problems at once:

Backend: About two weeks ago we had a power outage and I had to switch the external Muon hard drives on manually.  They were collecting stats fine after that, though.

Webhost: Upgraded PHP version, causing errors (including 32MB memory limit I think) and they had to reset my password, I think this is fixed now.

Network issues at work: Their proxy was acting funny last week and now the backend isn't uploading the stats files.  I think this is why there are currently no stats.  I'm going to follow that up with their networking people next week (they fixed a similar problem before - my computer keeps being routed via a broken proxy whenever they change the site's firewall).
2014-07-28 16:51:06
"Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 67108864 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 32 bytes) in /home/stephe1/public_html/muon1/hidden/readstats.php on line 10"

Could there be a memory leak somewhere?
2014-07-28 20:40:49
At least the stats are back on 😊

2014-07-29 20:38:21
Is it your ticker that's killing the home page, the rest of the site seems fine now? 
Stephen Brooks
2014-07-30 17:26:31
Looks like the network issues at work have been solved - I can make FTP contact fine.  And as you noticed, the Free-DC stats are up again because the rawstats.txt and simplestats.txt are being generated by the backend and uploaded to my site.  It just looks like it's a PHP problem now.

I suspect it's something like: they upgraded PHP on my hosted webserver to v5.1; a loop involved in loading the stats now runs forever because they changed the return value of some function.  I will debug it when I get time, although I just came back from travel again.
Stephen Brooks
2014-08-01 18:24:00
Fixed now by increasing the PHP memory limit to 96MB.  Seems it needs about 80MB to load a 2MB text file.  When I serialise the PHP structure it's about 10MB, some of which is because each user is stored as an associative array where the indexes are strings like "v4.4 results", and that gets stored for each user.  So there's probably some scope to be more efficient there.  The sequence of indexes are always the same anyway!
2015-01-16 23:01:42
Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 100663296 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 12117790 bytes) in /home/stephe1/public_html/muon1/hidden/readstats.php on line 20

Aaaaand, it's back.
Stephen Brooks
2015-01-19 03:26:38
I've put it off into the future again by increasing the PHP RAM allocation to 128MB.  Apparently my virtual server has a 1GB RAM limit.
2015-11-30 16:28:00
It looks as though the future has caught up!

"Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 78 bytes) in /home/stephe1/public_html/muon1/hidden/readstats.php on line 33"
Stephen Brooks
2015-11-30 20:10:18
OK, fixed that (increased memory limit to 160M.

There are also two jumps over the last week because Yoyo@home changed his output server address and folder structure, so that link was down until I updated the stats script in both cases.  Then it counted the queued results.
2016-03-15 20:24:53
3½ months on.....

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 167772160 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 32 bytes) in /home/stephe1/public_html/muon1/hidden/readstats.php on line 69
Stephen Brooks
2016-03-22 19:28:29
I'm not seeing this error just yet.  They did mess around with the webserver just a few weeks ago and caused the whole site to go down...
Stephen Brooks
2016-09-12 18:36:49
Just yesterday I found problems again - the PHP limit seems to have been reset to 32MB (ignoring "php.ini".  I've contacted the web host to ask why.

[edit] OK, looks like it was their problem and they fixed it pretty quickly.
Stephen Brooks
2016-11-02 20:23:30
Testing... Had to update the forum code because PHP deprecated the 'mysql' extension and replaced it by 'mysqli'
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