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2016-02-17 12:49:52
Do you test for the Edge browser already?
2018-06-29 08:46:06
I'm not sure.  But what's so good about Edge?  Does it really have an EDGE over all of the other browsers?
Stephen Brooks
2019-04-28 02:18:09
I downloaded the SVG file logo of Microsoft Edge and ironically it said "the default application for opening this is Internet Explorer"
Stephen Brooks
2019-04-28 02:24:01
OK, I've added Edge and its icon.
2019-04-28 03:30:18
Please note that the current Edge (the UWP app) is getting discontinued in the future.  They have built a new Edge now, based on Chrome.  Ta-da!

But no need to worry, it's not released, yet.
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