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2002-09-24 12:48:19
Coming back from todays work, I observed a strange effect on my PC running muon-background as sole application (and explorer window opened).  Last result.txt entry was stamped at 13.07 and auto.sav showed some 2,400 KB at 19:17, but dropped abruptely to 0 KB at 19:22 (I set savetime to 300 sec) without finishing.
For nearly 2 hours I read changing values for auto.sav from 0 KB up to 2,900 KB, but no new entry as a result.  I did not make any changes until now, when I aborted the prog.
Does anyone have an explanation for this strange behaviour ( 9 hours for nothing) ?
I tolerate WinMe on a P-3 with 900Mhz.
Stephen Brooks
2002-09-25 01:59:11
Well it sounds like the program was running OK, but just not writing the results to the file - or perhaps not _that_ file.  Did you try searching your whole HDD for files called "results.*" in case something had caused the CWD to get changed and Muon1 to write the results to the Windows directory or something?  Other than that, I'm not really sure how that bug could have happened, although restarting the Muon client is probably the best thing to do.

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2002-09-25 02:20:35
Sometimes Windows Explorer doesn't update properly.  I think it happens if the Explorer notices the file has been recreated before the write is finished.  Hit function key F5 with the focus in the Explorer Window and you should get the right file size.  I've noticed this effect in several versions of Windows.
2002-09-26 14:38:17
Thanks for your ideas, but both of them lead not to satisfying explanations.
Explorer actualization is not the problem in _this_ case.
Also my HDD had no additional or alternate result.* entry, at least none with a very actual entry (date).
After WinMe refresh and starting muon again the client managed to end this turn after additional 4 hours (2.4x % yield).  It seems to work properly, now.
So I hope, it just was an exceptional mystery and won´t happen too often anymore...
2002-09-26 14:44:20
I never had this problem under Windows 98 Second Edition.
Did you deactivate the FindFast Program (Indexerstellung) for MS Office?  Perhaps this may lead to such problems.

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