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John Kitchen
2002-10-01 13:13:34
smile muon1viewresults used to work just fine, but frown now the charts have absolutely no text on them.

This is since a very odd thing happened.  All the text in my USER.TXT and README.TXT changed into spaces overnight.  Maybe the characters turned into neutrinos?  wink As a result I got errors when it tried to send in the results.

I got round that problem by re-creating USER.TXT and copying the files from the (Windows) download over the top of mine.  But that did not fix the muon1viewresults problem. 

Ideas anyone?  And what files should I make sure I keep so I don't lose continuity?

best regards, John

[This message was edited by John Kitchen on 2002-Oct-01 at 20:21.]
2002-10-01 14:51:08
Sounds like a problem with the font files, actually...
John Kitchen
2002-10-01 15:47:48
Makes sense to me, and I appreciate your time on this.  I replaced the font files FONT.DAT and FONTSMALL.DAT with freshly downloaded ones, but the problem is still there.

If I compare the file list in a freshly downloaded version, I have some new files.
AUTOGFX.SAV - which I guess is from when I first tried this out and briefly ran the graphic version,
CRARRAY.CGF - a mystery to me, but seems to be created by MUON1VIEWRESULTS
and the "results" files
If I run the MUON1VIEWRESULTS.EXE program in the freshly downloaded version, it works (there is text).

I have checked the "Date Modified" on all the downloaded files and they are identical.  And I did a virus check ( on both versions.

Ideas?  Regards John
John Kitchen
2002-10-02 11:32:24
smile Looks like I have a workaround.  I copied the results files to the newly downloaded folder.  No idea why this is different, but it works.  J
Stephen Brooks
2002-10-03 11:01:38
You appeared to have a real bizarre problem with the Muon program the first time you installed it!  Unfortunately errors like this are very difficult to find the cause for.  Hopefully it was something fairly intermittant, although a few bugs in Muon4.21 have been corrected in my development code since that release.  v4.22 is being a pig though.  Will release it as soon as other commitments (study etc.) allow me some quality time with the code.

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