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2002-06-02 22:16:24

I sent twice results of two Muon clients and it always said that the sending is OK.  But they never appears in the statistic!  After the first time of sending results, they were one hour in the stats and since then this results disapered and no other results are shown in the results.

[This message was edited by Phippi on 2002-Jun-03 at 5:29.]
2002-06-03 00:11:50
Hi Phippi, what version are you using if its not 4.1 or 4.11 then the results will be added to the 4.0x column, but you knew that.  i did see the results that were there for a while, i was quite surprised that they had gone when i looked this morning frown

you do have your user name correct dont you, i cant see you anywhere else in the list.

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2002-06-03 03:31:38
I didn't change anything after the first upload and yes, I used the v4.11 for upload but the results are calculated with v4.10. I was also surprised that my first results disapeared.
Maybe Stephen have an idea about this problem.

Stephen Brooks
2002-06-03 10:19:16
The results that disappear from the v4.1 column are when you have send 4.0x results from the 4.1 client.  They initially get filed as 4.1, but then I find them and put them in the correct directory.

As it turned out, Phippi had submitted a results file with repeated results in it, so the program didn't show them.  I've got rid of the repeats now and it should appear in the stats.

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2002-06-03 12:00:41
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