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2002-05-19 16:50:06
You may need to look at the message board colours as I cannot see the date/time of posts on the main board page or shown above posts.  It is blue on a dark background and I have to be very close to the monitor to distinguish it.
Stephen Brooks
2002-05-19 16:52:37
That dark blue?  Well it looks sort-of OK here, if a little faint.  I actually don't know why it's turning out that colour - I certainly didn't configure it to be that way.  I'll have another look in the colours options to see if there's anything I missed.
Stephen Brooks
2002-05-19 16:55:38
I've changed it in the options now, but it seems to be taking a while to take effect.

[edit] Actually I found what was wrong - I needed to change the CSS settings rather than the message board colours ones.  [/edit]

By the way, some people have complained that the font you use to type your posts in is "mangey". Here it's quite a nice monospaced font, but some people have been getting some awful-looking seriffed thing.

[This message was edited by Stephen Brooks on 2002-May-20 at 1:06.]
2002-05-19 17:06:30
looks fine now.  A nice parrot green big grin
Thomas King
2002-05-21 11:55:29
MUHAHAHAHAHAH!  I return!  (grank, grank).  This is cool.  A message board where I can be odd without offending lots of people or getting yelled at.  Just a test post, Ill add more as I think of it.  It won't be very interesting, but then it's not as bad as Chris Johnson

Grank grank!
Stephen Brooks
2002-08-11 16:25:17
The parrot green has now been faded somewhat, but I quite like the new colour.  It makes the thing (especially the front page) look peculiarly 'aged' even though the colours suggest something modern.  It's weird, and I like weird.  And ducks.  I like weird and ducks, but ducks especially.

"As every 11-year-old kid knows, if you concentrate enough Van-der-Graff generators and expensive special effects in one place, you create a spiral space-time whirly thing, AND an interesting plotline"
Thomas King
2002-08-11 16:37:16
no no no said the teapot i dont think thats at all a good idea muhahahaha said the pile driver I WILL DESTROY YOU and then they all died but were back to normal the next day and all went into the garden to have scones.
Stephen Brooks
2002-08-12 07:23:31
It caused a hammer-fodge cone up in the Chris irradiator.  Now for my new cone project.

Hello, and for those of you who have just tuned in, welcome to the second most-popular subsection of this forum. 

[This message was edited by Stephen Brooks on 2002-Aug-12 at 20:16.]
Thomas King
2002-08-24 11:59:27
HAHA yes the coneproject.  That would be a cool domain to get a hold of, and specialise in, well, cones and....geese and stuff.  I saw a traffic cone and a goose today, only not together.
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