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Stephen Brooks
2002-05-22 17:46:02
I deleted a poll that was here because it was just Chris Johnson generally insulting people and posting stuff that only people from my ex-school would understand anyway...
Thomas King
2002-05-22 23:38:10
Meh, I was going to do that.  I got bogged down trying to delete Chris Johnson though, it required more naplam than I currently have.

Grank grank!
Stephen Brooks
2002-05-23 05:40:25
According to InfoPop, UBB.x 2.0.0 does not exist.  The last I heard, the next version is going to be a bugfix version 1.2.2. "Version 2.0.0" must be a beta (or just lying about its version #...).

There are of course things like "OpenTopic" and "UBB.classic" which have higher version numbers.

I've searched Google for "UBB.x 2.0.0" and "UBB.x 2". No hits.
2002-05-23 06:10:53
Oh, right.
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