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Stephen Brooks
2005-08-29 14:52:32
I went in here and there were two new posts, one was you and the top one was the spam bot!  I'm just changing permissions now to shut him out.
2006-12-29 08:22:17
Well it's 2007 already!  (well nearly anyway) And I pop in to see you and you still haven't designed the silly magnet yet?
Everyone (including even me) knows what a magnet looks like - i.e.



Only joking BTW - Ermm perhaps you should join our forum and try to encourage more of us hasbeens to crunch for a magnet
hehehehe ~ Yes and I made a film ~

Smaller (can hardly read the writing) -

Bigger (36.5mb) [url=]>>>Robot Puppy<<<[/url]
2006-12-29 08:24:35
Ha, Stephen you will have to fix that linky for me as I can't see an edit button (this age thing is bad)
Stephen Brooks
2006-12-29 23:28:16
It's more that my forum thing doesn't work particularly well right now, you can use HTML links...

>>>Robot Puppy<<<
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