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2002-05-27 12:48:08
When I hit the quotes option on another members post to reply to it it keeps including their signature.  Is this configurable or a bug?
Stephen Brooks
2002-05-27 12:57:20
The signature management on UBB.x is severely screwed-up... they've limited it to 256 chars, but not told anybody, so you sometimes get it truncated.  Also they've not added a "divider" between the message and the sig (which is why I made mine small and green for clarity).  I agree there should be a maximum sig-length limit, but that it should be more like 1024chars and the UBB should WARN me when I've gone over the limit and ask me to edit.

[edit] I'm going to post in the UBB-dev forum about this.  [/edit]

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