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Carsten []
2002-06-03 01:52:38

my connection to the Internet in running over Proxy-Server.  I need it for the Translation of the IP-Adresses because the Adresses in our company are not routet in the Internet (10.208.X.X).
I have to send it per Mail again.
I hope for a new Version... wink
Stephen Brooks
2002-06-03 10:20:39
Enable FTP connections on your proxy server and then try again.

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Carsten []
2002-06-04 02:25:27
How i can get Admin-rights?
Carsten []
2002-06-04 02:27:01
PS: other Programs (SETI, Moneybee, UD) have no Problems.
2002-06-07 19:27:32
Originally posted by Carsten []:
PS: other Programs (SETI, Moneybee, UD) have no Problems.

Yes, but those programs don't use FTP.
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