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Ben Whitten
2002-07-01 10:16:00
What is the best MOD for Half-Life?

This is the only part where I see activity so I posted it here big grin


2002-07-01 12:22:13
sorry, but what do you mean with "MOD" ?
I´m not very experienced in chatting chinese....
2002-07-01 12:29:00
Did you ever have the skeleton?

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Ben Whitten
2002-07-02 07:19:55
MOD=modification, an add-on like.......... counter strike, or........ well u tell me which one out af all the extra stuf is the best smile
Thomas King
2002-07-02 08:12:36
Depends, there are an awful lot of them.

One of the best single player ones I've met is called "Azure Sheep", and it's basically a bit like "Blue Shift" only its fun to play.  For Multiplayer, I think you can't beat good-old CS or TFC. 

I'm more of a quake3/Unreal Tournament man myself.

This forum does seem to be the most active, but I'm sure people will go to the others if they see that there are some new topics lurking around.  I'll flex my moderatiterial powers and shunt it across later when I'm feeling bored.
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