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2002-06-03 18:12:29

I have always wondered what differences there are between Background, Low, and Normal.  Like what percentage's?  Normal being 100%.
kruemi [SwissTeam.NET]
2002-06-04 00:18:47
These are the Priorities like the Operatings-System uses it!
Normal means, it runs like a normal application (Like Word, Excel and so on).  This also means, it slows down other Applications!
Low meand, it runs at a lower priority thn normal, the slows down other apps a bit less!

And than there is the Option Background... which i like the most!  It doesen't slow down other apps, it just uses the Power the "Idle-Process" would eat!
With this priority you can run it "for free"


2002-06-16 02:03:35
you need not use that option.  For muon and for any other dc project you can use the Another Task Manager to push the priority unter Win 95/98/ME.  With MUON it works great, you have all possible priorities available..

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