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Stephen Brooks
2002-08-27 15:17:48
Err I just saw a really DULL episode of DangerMouse
or at least part of it
They had obviously run out of plotline or something because everything took AGES
there was a long pointless bit involving the mouse running towards a door, for example
And the last I looked they were trapped in a room full of pillows and sneezed occasionally
that was Dull
also they had this really STUPID crow with a large beak
actually the beak was probably the best-acted part
Err there's a guy on the muon1 thing called Belmarduk.
"Belmarduk"?  I mean ERR that's pretty strange whichever way you break it up.
Belmard UK would leave one wondering what a Belmard was
Belmar Duk would be a badly-spelt duck called "Belmar", which I suppose is acceptable (as we don't currently have the tecnology to determine what ducks' real names are)
Errr but in that case I wonder how many other ducks have an interest in particle physics
Well I suppose all ducks could actually be called "Quack"
which would really explain a lot, come to think of it
But it would be rather confusing
Hmmm the beginning of the Room101 introuction sequence is SO INSPIRED
it starts with a fade from black into a red thing with a hole in it
and you think "What the hell is that?"
And it rotates away with odd lighting and turns out to be a traffic cone falling down some sort of air-conditioning shaft
And then you have random and rather less amusing objects, but the sequence ends by a garden gnome smashing into a metal plate with "Room 101" written on it
I also have a 0.02 Euro coin here
It's got an odd groove round it so that you can slice it longways into two thinner coins which I can only presume must be the 0.01 Euro denomination
I expect the Germans and Irish here will know about that too
Though not the Swiss
Errr Switzerland must be an odd place.  All I know about it is that it's got mountains, odd stuff to do with banks, half a particle accelerator and some very obsessive distributed-computing users there.  Oh, and some chocolate factories.
Actually it sounds quite cool
Now I can hear the geese honking again
They must be very LOUD seeing as they're 1/4 mile away
Either that or somehow there are some geese much closer to here that are honking
that's quite worrying actually
I'm going to have to look out of my window now.  Bye.

"As every 11-year-old kid knows, if you concentrate enough Van-der-Graff generators and expensive special effects in one place, you create a spiral space-time whirly thing, AND an interesting plotline"
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