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2002-06-03 22:28:02
ive downloaded this program thought it was quite interesting ,
but cant seem to locate and create user.txt to get it started,
could you post a step by step guide for a budding old neophyte.
that could enable me to get going.  couldnt seem to find any info
also had several returned e mails
whats up . sincerely
kruemi [SwissTeam.NET]
2002-06-04 00:20:17
Just create a text file, called user.txt.  Open it in Notepad und write your username (and nothing else) in it.  That''s it!


Stephen Brooks
2002-06-04 10:00:57
You create a text file by rightclicking in the folder where the Muon program is, going to "New" and then clicking "Text Document". Then you rename the newly-created file to "user.txt" and then open it and write your username there.

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