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2002-06-04 12:55:01
So far , to me, it seems that the new build 4.1 version takes longer than the Build 4.0x versions to create results.  Does it have to do more?
Stephen Brooks
2002-06-04 15:34:26
No, it ought to take about the same amount of time, although having said that, if more particles are getting through the simulation to a later stage, the simulation will take longer.

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kruemi [SwissTeam.NET]
2002-06-06 04:54:38
This means, if you want to get as much credited work in the stats as possible, try to have as "bad" results as possible!  So you'll have much particles calcultaed in less time!
Ok, you won't get in the top100-list for the best results, but...


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