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2002-08-29 20:42:47
Now that we are at 2.5% is the end in sight for this phase of the project?  My poor old PC has been chewing on for a day and a half it has found 15 above 2% and will not send in a packet for the better part of another day. 

If in a week or so you are sure that we have closed in on the best solution of 4.21b you have plans for trying something else? 

I have liked giving my spare CPU cycles to your effort.  The result viewer is great for someone like me who uses the background porgram.  I just fear how long of a run it will take for the combined design.

Stephen Brooks
2002-08-30 02:50:43
Originally posted by pben:
Now that we are at 2.5% is the end in sight for this phase of the project?

I was thinking it might be, but results turned in recently have been slightly higher than I would have expected if we had already reached the maximum result.  I have the feeling my "hand-made" result might not be the optimum after all.  It scored about 2.45% whereas there are scores on the board now of about 2.65%. Statistical variations of +0.2% are quite rare with this version of the program (or at least they were at slightly lower scores when I tested this).  So I'll have to wait and see what happens - and maybe test the statsitical variation in the simulation again.  If we get to 3% there will definitely have been an improvement beyond the parameters I set.

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2002-08-30 07:12:19
Stephen, could you answdr my question, or try to, in my thread called "weird result.  I don't know what happened"???
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