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2002-06-10 16:39:35
Hey Stephen,

I just read your profile for the first time and I have a stupid question.  Are you really only 18??? 

I have heard you talk about exams in other forums and I though you meant graduate studies Master degree college studies.  I pictured you as at least 25 or so.  Do you go to high school?

If it is not a typo then Ithink it is amazing all you have accomplished.  I have used a few of your programs and I think they are awesome.  Especially the Muon Project.
Thomas King
2002-06-11 01:07:16
He is a bit strange like that.  We were at school together for a while, and he was 2 years ahead of me because he was so good at maths and science and things, but he wasn't so good at french so we had french lessons together and I remember he occasioanlly drove the french teacher nuts bu cunningly using very complicated verbs.  I drove the teacher nuts by not doing any work.


Grank grank!
Stephen Brooks
2002-06-28 05:04:43
I keep intending to put up a page here at some stage which actually explains who I am.  I usually just put up all the content and forget some people will be interested in where it came from!

Yes, I am 18, but I did things early, so I already have a BSc from the Open University and next summer will get an MMath (i.e. masters level) from Oxford.  I did some of that concurrently with the OU one, so have done the equivalent of 6 years undergraduate-level study so far.

--[I have used a few of your programs and I think they are awesome.  Especially the Muon Project.]--

That's great - most of the programs here went up about a year ago and some of them could probably do with an upgrade, but a lot of them still seem alright.

"As every 11-year-old kid knows, if you concentrate enough Van-der-Graff generators and expensive special effects in one place, you create a spiral space-time whirly thing, AND an interesting plotline"
2003-09-20 12:44:19
My God, 18?!

I was enjoying Muon et al under the assumption that it was written by somebody older than me.  Now I find that Mr Brooks is younger and twice as qualified as myself.  [Fume with jealousy]

An embittered Cambridge reject

P.S. Though I can still enjoy Muon, right?
Stephen Brooks
2003-09-22 06:26:47
I am actually 19 now - this thread is nearly a year old!

It doesn't make any sense: that's why they call it "virtual"
2003-09-22 12:17:28
Aha, Now you see why I failed my Cambridge Interview.

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