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2002-10-20 12:29:49
Hi Stephen,
I just manually uploaded my results.  Before the weekend my score of particles was somewhere about 3.4 Mil.  Now I uploaded I have a score of over 19 Mil.  I'm not sure if this is correct.  When I uploaded I had also opened the results.txt, wich I was using for calculating the number of calculated pariticles.  I had running my comp for the whole weekend and thought I calculated about 24 results and about 2.1 Mil.  of particles.  Is it possible that when I had my results.txt in use the ftp program took my results.dat (with the top 250 in it) and send that, or am I just making no sense here?  It's just that I am amazed that with my Duron950@1178 I calculated about 16Mil particles in one weekend. 
Please comment on this. 


Kpostuma (DPC)
2002-10-20 13:44:03

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2002-10-20 13:54:00
Thanks Pascal,

that explains it all. 
Nice system, I'll also inform the other DPC members about this.
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