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2002-10-24 05:28:57
When i set my threads to 2 i see that muon is only gettin 90-92 percent CPU-time

if i load two instances of muon it get's the fullpull (100%)


to da top cool

2002-10-24 05:35:47
Seems to be that it is fluctioning between 90-100% with 2 threads

hmmmz maybe you could tweak it a little bit in your next update

ty in advance

Stephen Brooks
2002-10-24 09:49:34
You can run either the threads=2 option or run two installations of Muon1 in different directories.  Just don't run two installs in one dir or the files might get corrupted.

The reason why threads=2 only uses 90%-95% of the CPU is that it's not actually simulating two Muon1's in parallel - it's parallelised on an inner loop, so you really do get one simulation about 1.9x as fast as with one processor.  This is helpful because it allows it to build up a results.dat file quickly and build on previous results, instead of two parallel installs that have nothing to do with each other (unless you manually merge the results.dat files from time to time).

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John Kitchen
2002-10-25 08:41:30
As your yield increases, the CPU utilization will too.  I am now seeing around 96% to 98% (on my dual Athlon with THREADS=2) since using the "best250" file big grin. (But I run another instance from another folder at a lower priority just to soak up the last 2 to 4% wink )
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