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Alan Page
2002-10-26 08:30:29
I am looking for a distributed computing project suitable for a slow machine, which does not run 24 hours, and this looks like it could be suitable.  (A lot of automated projects just time-out before the work unit is finished, on my old 133MHz PC.)

I gather from the various posts that the best250 file is going to give better results, but looks like it will take too long on my PC (which typically only runs 3 hours per day, (longer at weekends).  Will running it with my own results file produce genuinely useful information, or will it be so far below the best250 file that it will be ignored?

Thanks in anticipation
2002-10-26 10:10:03
I doubt the results will be useful NOW as to we are getting quite high in the muon transfer percentage.  If you can't leave your computer on 24/7, you should consider getting a newer computer.  Yours is truly an antique now.
John Campbell
2002-10-26 19:58:21
I'm new to this myself, but it looks to me like the client saves state when it terminates and picks up where it left off when it's started up again.  That means that you don't have to finish a run before you turn your machine off.  It might take two or three days for a P133 to complete a high-quality run at only three hours a day, but it should get there eventually.
2002-10-27 16:58:43
You have to be careful because the GUI version has a problem with retaining the right results when you shut it down late in the processing of a result.
2002-10-28 08:10:59
well just set autosave to 60 sec, and let the background application running, it should take you still about 5-6 hours for a result, but you can turn your computer out anytime....

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