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[DPC]We Alone
2002-10-26 08:38:07
My brother joint the search for the optimal muon transfer.  but he put his own name in his user.txt and not the name of my subteam.

his name is: Seti@Netherlands Rocker ED
can you merge the acount to: [DPC]We Alone


-=Systems Specs=-[BR]Muon stats[BR]Team: We alone
2002-10-27 01:11:53
I'm rocker_Ed and I send my results in under the name of Seti@Netherlands Rocker ED it must be [DPC]we alone.  just like my brother said.

Can u merge our results into [DPC]we alone

Thanks all ready
Stephen Brooks
2002-10-27 08:45:57
Ok I've done that now

"As every 11-year-old kid knows, if you concentrate enough Van-der-Graff generators and expensive special effects in one place, you create a spiral space-time whirly thing, AND an interesting plotline"
2002-10-31 03:18:54
Thank You
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