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2002-10-26 10:59:23

after downloading 4.21b I tried to use the manualsend utility to upload results.  Unfortunately it crashes with the following crtdll.dll error:

MANUALSEND verursachte einen Fehler durch eine ungültige Seite
in Modul CRTDLL.DLL bei 0187:7fc10bd3.
EAX=fc01f15c CS=0187 EIP=7fc10bd3 EFLGS=00010286
EBX=7fc1d7e8 SS=018f ESP=0063f490 EBP=0063f498
ECX=7fc1d7e8 DS=018f ESI=fc01f15c FS=4e7f
EDX=0041142f ES=018f EDI=6fc9b688 GS=0000
Bytes bei CS:EIP:
83 3f 00 75 47 6a 18 e8 af ad ff ff 83 c4 04 8b
00000000 fc01f15c 0063f4cc 7fc0b573 fc01f15c 0063f4cc 00410078 00000000 7fc1d7e8 00401ad6 00000000 00404344 00410078 00411400 00410078 0063f918

I am using WIN98 and a PIII ...

Did anyone come across the same issue and knows how to solve it ?


2002-10-26 15:12:59
This happens e.g. if you do not have calculated any results before using manualsend.  You may have a look, wether a file called 'results.txt' is existent.  wink

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2002-10-27 03:49:58

thanks for the help.  Unfortunately there is a results.txt file existing ... it's just not yet 100kb in size, but I guess that should not matter.  I am attempting to execute manualsend from out of explorer and it is located in the standard main directory, where results.txt also is located and the simulation .exe's are etc. So it should find the file ... I guess.

Other question: When I upload results does the tool download new simulation parameters for strength of the solenoid fields etc. ?  That was the original reason why I tried to upload the results file asap, so I would get the latest set of simulation parameters so my results would be of use.  Is that the case ... that the latest sim parameters are downloaded at the time when manual- or automatic send is activated to upload results ?


2002-10-27 08:27:14
you got a user.txt in the dir

from which you start manualsend

Stephen Brooks
2002-10-27 08:42:04
No download of parameters happens currently, except when you manually get the best250 or whatever.  Automatic downloads of a file like that are planned for a future release.

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2002-10-28 07:15:23

thanks for the help.  I just uploaded my first results ... I had a user.txt file, but the format of the contents was not correct ("user: Fafnir" instead of just "Fafnir").

Thanks for the help and sorry for any confusion caused ...

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