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[DPC] TeamBVD - Floppus
2002-10-26 12:17:11
Hi all,

Here's the first beta of the MuonProxy...



> Unzip this file into a separate directory;
> NOT!  in your Muon directory
> You can specify a local muon directory on the computer
> running the proxy so it can also fetch it's own
> muon data.

How does it work?

> It works with local as well as network-shared drives.
> You need to have full-control to the muon-directory
> on the other Pc's you want to use.
> I recommend creating shares on each computer named "MUON$"
> In this way, the share is invisible in network neighbourhood.
> This proxy supports NO OTHER alternative than file-sharing
> for now...
> Additionally, for now, it uses the standard manualsend.exe from
> Stephen.  That means, that with every flush you will get a message
> on your proxy machine reading "Results sent successfully"
> (The proxy will only flush if it was able to fetch results)

How to Configure?

> There is a MuonProxy.ini within this package with default settings
> If you do not want all fetched work to be flushed immediately, set
> the ProxyFlush setting to [D]aily or[W]eekly and set the FlushTime to
> the hour of day you want the proxy to flush
> (only full-hour support for now)
> !  I did not test this option myself, so please understand if you find
> !  it doesn't flush at the desired interval, or doesn't flush at all.
> Inside the .ini there is additional information per setting.

!  Important !

> Because I use the standard ManualSend.exe from Stephen, it needs your
> User.txt in the proxy directory.
> Included in this package is MY!  user.txt, to prevent the proxy from
> crashing.  >I< don't mind if you leave it there, but I think >YOU< will wink

It could be the app doesn't work, and gives an error reporting it needs RichTx32.ocx
If so, download RichTx32.ocx and put it in your system directory (reboot if it still doesn't work)

Any questions and support; try ICQ 10264771
I can't guarantee I am available all the time...

2002-10-26 14:59:00
A step in the right direction. 

I don't need a proxy, but if you are lacking testers, I would be willing to install it and try and break it at a later date.  smile

Ars Technica
Team Atomic Milkshake
[DPC] TeamBVD - Floppus
2002-10-26 15:08:20
Please do; My webserver states 12 downloads of the proxy so far, but not a single reply.... Not here nor in DPC forum...

If people don't like it; please let me know what's wrong...
That's the only way to make improvements.

btw; I like the bug in it showing the message "results sent successfully"; on my PC here I can see it every time a unit is completed... smile

2002-10-26 16:51:20
ive got the proxy running on my network ATM

does it keep a log of what it dumps and from where?  that would be handy smile

It would also be nice to be able to install it as a service (without having to use something like firedaemon)

would it also be possible to get it to create a "MASTER" results.dat file with the stuff its sent in?  that would definately be handy for network rollouts big grin
2002-10-26 23:11:24
I'll try it out too smile

Will try it on my home farm first...
[DPC] TeamBVD - Floppus
2002-10-27 01:53:48
Originally posted by NicJA:
ive got the proxy running on my network ATM

does it keep a log of what it dumps and from where?  that would be handy smile

It would also be nice to be able to install it as a service (without having to use something like firedaemon)

would it also be possible to get it to create a "MASTER" results.dat file with the stuff its sent in?  that would definately be handy for network rollouts big grin

hmmmm.... Some good idea's...

I'll work on some improvements, but will not release a new version for at least a week... First I need enough feedback to determine where the main demands lie...

2002-10-27 02:29:38
I'm completely with NicJA on his wishlist.

I'd go one step further, could the so called Masterresults.dat be returned to any client in the LAN.  I'm aware of file sharing conflicts, but it could be managed by determining the last results timestamp, if it's just only minutes ago.

Y0k compliant, counting upwards wink
2002-10-27 03:24:59
ive just noticed that my client proxy has dropped out, after not being able to send a set of results, then trying to recieve the next lt.  its given me a "file exists" error.

what is the "proxyresults.txt" file for?
[DPC] TeamBVD - Floppus
2002-10-27 03:31:27
Jep; sorry about that; I was aware there could be an error there...

The ProxyResults.txt is actually the combined Results.txt
When it gets flushed, its being renamed... This is to prevent the file being changed while its flushed...

don't worry; when you restart the proxy, it will continue where it had left, you won't lose any results...

I'll take this problem with my update that's scheduled for next week.

2002-10-27 03:36:40
parhaps the proxy should automatically date the results.txt file (change "results" to todays date in the name) to prevent this kind of thing, whith an internall list of results.files?  at the worst it could just rename the one to be sent to results.txt again.

also, a recompile of the manualsend would be much appreciated - maybe just add a switch that stops it reporting in a window, then the output could be captured and stuck in a log smile

as for the recording where and when packets are collected/sent if you use the master results.dat idea, you could just append that info to the data in it big grin

perhaps it would store the Client number, and collection time, and if an upload is done that could be stored in a log (where the FTP success or failure could also be recorded?)
2002-10-27 06:57:38
I would also like to suggest that the ip address of the client that submitted the result be include in a log somewhere.

This way, I can monitor the outputs by clients and see if any have not reported in for a while big grin
[DPC] TeamBVD - Floppus
2002-10-27 08:20:27
Ok ;now that I have gotten some requests and comments I have a basic idea on how to set up the next version:

- An additional utility (like the MuonHider) will become available.
1) It will handle shutting down and restarting the client if a certain program (ie Taskmanager) is started.  The Hider will remain active (unlike now), but consumes (almost) no CPU power.
2) It will handle Proxy connectivity through TCP/IP; I have to do some research on how to handle that properly, because I haven't got much experience with that.
Using standard TCP/IP enables connectivity with possible internet-clients.

- A new proxy will become available;
1) The new proxy will still not be able to run as a service on its own; however, it runs completely invisible.
2) The Proxy generates Log-files according to user preferences.  Will probably include Client IP, Time of flush, flushed points (including multiplier for "good" results), etc...

- A monitor program will become available;
1) the Monitor will contain a configuration page to quickly and easily configure your proxy.
2) the monitor will show stats generated from the log-files
3) Possibly this monitor will also include some basic HTML generator for personal stats.

Note: This is just how I think it's the best way to set it up... Any suggestions are always welcome ofcourse...

2002-10-27 10:12:55
Sounds good so far.

I just downloaded Muonproxy but I probably won't be able to experiment with it until later.  Atleast that gives you more than 12 hits.  wink

Ars Technica
Team Atomic Milkshake
2002-10-27 14:49:44
hmmmm, strange

when i examined the results.txt file in the proxies directory after it failed to send them, it had one result repeated 5 times (i had noticed this the previous time it happened aswell but dismissed it)

whats happening there?the proxyresults.txt file also has it the same.

i hope stephen is checking for exact duplicates being sent in
2002-10-27 14:51:41
... im pretty sure its caused me to lose a few submissions by overwriting them
[DPC] TeamBVD - Floppus
2002-10-27 22:58:45
The ProxyResults.txt is only deleted after flushing; I'll check if it properly detects successfull transfer... If it doesn't it could happen that if flushing failed, the results are deleted indeed!

Another thing is that the proxy delete's your clients results after fetching them; this is why you need full-access control over the network... If you DON'T have full-control, I think you won't be notified, but it will repeatedly fetch the same results...

I'll be looking into this.  For everyone that lost some results; I'm sorry... That's what a beta is all about I guess... wink

2002-10-29 02:27:15
Been using the proxy for a few days now smile Works great...only complaint is that I get duplicate results in the proxyresults.txt file.

Don't know why this happens...all my shares give full control rights. 

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