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2002-10-27 20:14:23

I'm new to DPAD, so I may just be doing something wrong.  I d/l'd and instaled the client and 250 results.dat file as specified.  I'm running the GUI client for now, just to make sure everything's working.  The client seems to be running fine, but when my screen saver kicks in (nothing fancy, just the built-in Win2K marquee display), I get an error "beep". I clear the screen saver, and I do not appear to have the client running any longer-- just a black screen.  When I pull up Task Mangler, Muon Transport is still running, but I also see an application named "oh sod it" running.  If I kill one, the other dies, so I'm assuming they're linked.

Does not seem to happen with the background application, and I'm going to get the CLI now.  Am I doing something wrong?  Ultimately, it probably won't matter, as I'll be using the backgrounder or the CLI (whichever seems to work best for me) but I thought you might be interested.

Stephen Brooks
2002-10-28 04:23:55
The graphical version requires access to the full screen, but so does the screensaver, so they conflict.  It's not such a major problem but I'll think about testing what exactly happens when the screensaver comes on.

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2002-10-28 06:19:29
I figured as much.  The background and CLI clients work fine, so it isn't a big deal.  I was merely concerned that I had done something incorrectly.  You may want to add a caveat to the "Read Me" file to warn other newbies of this behavior, but I don't know that it's necessary to burn cycles trying to program around it.


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