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2002-11-08 01:06:07
Originally posted by Stephen Brooks:
Both get adjusted.

"As every 11-year-old kid knows, if you concentrate enough Van-der-Graff generators and expensive special effects in one place, you create a _spiral space-time whirly thing_, AND an interesting plotline"

Hmm.  i see, i think it was late tonight, i overread it 2744!=2744 smile
[DPC] Zephyer
2002-11-08 06:35:00
[DPC]Alphen 1044 results 404 repeated 0 bestN left in (38.697% bad)

eek mad eek mad

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2002-11-09 07:57:29

I've updated my profile with my email address, so feel free to email.  But I'll warn you, Bioinformatics is an "interest" for me, much in the same manner that "folding the Space-Time continuum" and "travel via wormholes" are interests for me.  OK, maybe not quite that theoretical/esoteric, but if you are well versed in Bioinformatics and are looking to hold an in-depth conversation, my level of knowledge may by a bit disappointing... big grin

I don't work in the field, but I'm learning about it with an eye to move in that direction.  I do work in Biotech, however, so I'm getting close... wink


PS: Glad to see I'm not the only one who interpreted the question about liking parrots as food-related!
2002-11-11 03:13:00
I've just resend a back-up of my latest results , because I had the idea that I was missing points during the last week.  this will explain why I will have a amount of dupes during a following dupe-check.  just 2 let U know smile

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