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2002-10-29 07:44:54
Hi all,
I've got two computers which are both somewhat quick (between the two, the average is 1.6 ghz), and it used to be (With Muon versions <3) that I would do several hundred WUs a day.  I have the best 1000 as well as the best 250 in my results file, and I'm only getting a couple results a day.  At this rate, it would take months for it to send in it's own results, or so it seems.

Perhaps I should just watch it longer, or something.  It is taking full CPU time available - it just seems that all of those WUs are in the range of like 4 hours per unit, even on an AthlonXP 2000+

Am I being delusional, or is this real?

2002-10-29 09:02:59
I have an Intel Pent 4 2.53, and it takes about 2 hours for one result.

So you're not delutional.
2002-10-29 09:08:53
On my Athlon TB-C 1.2 GHz I take something around three hours for a good result.

2002-10-29 09:22:45
hrm.  I'm curious about this as well.

My results.txt file is ~25KB right now, and I haven't manually sent the results in nearly four days.  I'd guess that the client has gotten about 72 hours at least of CPU time, and it has 19-20 work units completed, which is about four hours of CPU time (slightly more, I'd guess in reality) for each work unit completed.  This is on a Duron 800@1000.

Things happened much faster before I added the best250 file.  wink

The mark of an educated man is one who knows a lot about something, and a little about everything.
2002-10-29 10:38:20
OK, glad to know my CPUs aren't a freak of nature.  big grin

On the auto-update thing, though, I see that it waits till it has 100kb of info before sending it in.  For anyone with the results file, that must just take forever (Especially with slower computers).

2002-10-29 13:03:27
It's kind of a weird feeling, isn't it?  Especially after RC5 which went faster the more CPUs you threw at it.  It makes me glad the stats are weighted towards quality instead of quantity smile
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