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2002-10-29 15:19:21

For those of use who actually produced the oddly high results, where should we put the cutoff point when editing our .dat file?  Working off removing the top 16 from the old new top250 that would mean everything over ~3.08% is out.  Is that a good point ot work from?


Stephen Brooks
2002-10-29 15:22:21
The best thing is to, if you get an abnormally-high looking result, put it in a .dat file ON ITS OWN and see if, after 5 more runs, the muon program has got similarly high results from it.  It's not clear cut, unfortunately.

"As every 11-year-old kid knows, if you concentrate enough Van-der-Graff generators and expensive special effects in one place, you create a spiral space-time whirly thing, AND an interesting plotline"
2002-10-29 16:25:51

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