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Zph [Team WAU]
2002-10-31 03:08:22
Yes, I had too much time on my hands and wanting to know what's happening with my client without having to check out the results.txt I made a small addon that checks and displays this.  It shows the last result and the highest/lowest results since you started the add-on.
Don't bitch about its lame-ness, for some people it can be usefull It's a .mrc so you can easily import in mIRC.  Last note: I made and tested it with mIRC 6.03, check out for more info.
cheers and happy muon'ing,

Team WAU
2002-10-31 14:10:26
* /set: line too long (line 35, muon.mrc)
** Emtpy results or no new edits
* /set: line too long (line 75, muon.mrc)

Zph [Team WAU]
2002-10-31 16:29:32
Kinda odd, I tested it with mIRC 6.03, Muon v4.21b on Win2k. Looks like your computer gets the data-line instead of the result.  See what happens after you've started with a clean results.txt
Zph [Team WAU]
2002-11-04 02:51:15
Version 1.3b released today.

* Simulation timer works (displays the time for the last simulation) as long as you keep mIRC running (minimized).  It uses an offline timer, so you don't have to be connected all the time. 
* Added display-info.  Show's information about your Muon client, whether autosend is on/off and the used priority.
* Shows the highest and lowest muon-count.  It starts checking this from the moment you start using the add-on, regardless flushes.
* of course it still shows your last muon-count.

If you want another useless mIRC-addon, just download it at , most bugs should be out now

Zph [Team WAU]
2003-04-10 04:13:26
New version released, updated to work with the new 4.3 version.  The Graph is under construction, need to know the max first.
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