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John Campbell
2002-10-31 16:15:23
I just got the Linux client source to build and run on my old SPARCstation 4, with some minimal amount of hacking (some of which would've been unnecessary if I were running something newer than Solaris 2.5, I think).  It's working its way through its first run now.  If it can get through a few runs with valid results (I'm not sure that there aren't endian issues buried in there somewhere), and Mr. Brooks gives the okay, I'll neaten it up and put it up for distribution...
2002-11-01 16:29:21
I'm interested in that.  I have an Ultra 2 just serving mp3s right now smile
Stephen Brooks
2002-11-02 09:41:00
E-mail me the URL of a download page (put your e-mail on the D/L page for support), and a brief description of exactly what platform it runs on, then I shall add it to the list of Linux versions.

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John Campbell
2002-11-02 17:38:46
I'm still doing test runs on it at the moment.  The first two runs were fairly fast, 'cause I didn't give it a results.dat to work with, so they sucked, but they came up with identical muon percentages (0.005168%), which is making me a little suspicious.  I added a best250 to the results.dat, so the third run is taking a lot longer (it's only a 70MHz uSPARC II, so "a lot longer" is quite a while), and should presumably give a better percentage.  If it comes up with 0.005168%, too, then I think I've got a bug to track down.  Otherwise, I'll finish cleaning it up and put it up for download.
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