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2002-11-04 13:29:09
Is it possible te open more manualsend boxes at a time ?
For instance if I make a script that opens manualsend on all my computers at once.  smile

Is it possible for me to obtain the formula which you use to calculate the point given for a specific design.  (in which you refer to in the FAQ {There are extra points awarded for results above 1% (and then above 1.2%, 1.4% etc.)}

I'm writing a little statistics program and i would like it to work around your code because I feel thats the easyest way to prevent any problems that could occur.  wink

Oh and DPC Rules hahahaha big grin
Stephen Brooks
2002-11-04 19:48:22
For percentages under 1%, the score is just the number of particles.  For >=1%, the score is particles*floor(percent*5).

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2002-11-04 23:14:44
where can I get the floor?
2002-11-04 23:18:58
floor(x) means that x is rounded down to the nearest integer (whole number).

Dutch Power Cow.
2002-11-05 00:45:22
I should have read more carefully... Never used the floor function though *L*


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