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2002-11-09 05:24:37
I've created a muonproxy which receive the results from clients (autosend is possible) via a TCP connection and save it in a file called "user_muonusername.txt" (append if file exists).  so you can collect your results from different clients on one computer. 

If someone is interested big grin, take a look at my homepage.

2002-11-09 06:07:24
message deleted
(I was blind couldn't find the download... now I've found...)

2002-11-09 08:14:30
Hm, now there is a link from the muonproxy-project-page to the muonproxy-download-page.  wink

2002-11-09 12:01:46
Installed your Proxy on 2 Windows Boxes, seems to work properly.
So I will install it on a third Windows and one linux Box.

Nice Tool
2002-11-09 12:43:20
Oh, nice to hear!

So it was not a complete waste of time...

at first it should be a proof of concept for an alternate result upload method.  But stephen'll solve the problem in another way (distributed FTP), so i released it as a proxy ...

If there are problems, let me know!

2002-11-09 12:57:08
I was waiting for a tool like this, because I have no access to the disks but I can send the results using TCP.

Tested it on another 2 boxes (only initial send) works fine.  On one Windows Box its running for several hours now and has sent the results threetimes by autosend, without any problem.

(da unterhalten sich 2 deutsche und müssen sich auf englisch einen abbrechen, naja ich jedenfalls Läuft alles Top, bisher auch von Linux aus, der Server rennt auf WIN 2K, 2 Clients WIN98SE und einmal SUSE7.3 (ein Win98 wird jetzt auf SUSE7.3 umgestellt))

Sorry for the german words, but its easier for me
brief summary:
No Problem, using WIN2K as server, WIN98SE and Linux (SUSE7.3) as clients

[DPC] TeamBVD - Floppus
2002-11-09 13:04:27
phew.. I hope it works ok...

I still have the source of my proxy half baked on my computer.  We got an unexpected big order at our company, and I can hardly find time for myself, not to mention programming on the proxy...
Maybe.........sometime......... but if this works fine, why make another...

[Wenn du ein teil im deutsch schreibt, rechne damit dass wir Holländer das auch lesen können...]
Writing is obviously a different story... big grin

{dus hier ook direct maar even Nederlands... Ik zeg net tegen die stomme Duitsers... :+}

2002-11-10 15:39:40
big grin *lol* big grin
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